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Mission Statement:

Empowering children by nurturing young minds and helping them unlock their true potential


Our Founding Story

"There is no age bar to give or help others."

This is the belief with which my younger sister, Krisha and I, after playing and winning Chess tournaments at International Level, decided to share our knowledge of chess with lesser privileged children. For this we formed an NGO; “Injoy Chessklub”.

It started in January of 2017, when we were visiting my grand-moms native place in Rajasthan. We asked the Principal of a school in that village, if we could teach the game of chess to the students of 5th to 8th grade. He was very pleased and immediately gave us the permission to conduct the workshops. Though the Principal said that we inspired the students, but actually it was we, who got inspired by this experience and we then decided to replicate it to the under-privileged students in Mumbai as well.

During our regular interactions with students of Municipal Schools in Mumbai, we figured out that along with Chess we can also teach them other activities to make them realize their potential. It was essential to channelize their energies constructively so that they could make a positive impact in their community and world at large.Hence, “Injoy Chessklub” got transformed to “Project Injoy”.

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A world of children whose energies are being channelized in the right direction to develop a progressive mindset, so that they can contribute positively to their community and to the world around them.